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Providing training and coaching for schools and organizations, leading Community Schools, and advocating for educational transformation - there is a lot happening at the Positive Schools Center! These stories are about school administrators, teachers, staff, and students who are doing day-to-day work that makes a difference. Read more stories >

Community Schools Grow to Meet Community Needs

The Community Schools strategy has been essential this year as communities are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic decline. New and returning coordinators are organizing food distribution, acquiring and distributing technology, connecting families to internet access, locating diapers and other household essentials, sourcing masks and other personal protective equipment, coordinating emergency social and emotional supports, and ensuring the continued attendance and engagement of all students and staff.
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Parents Lead as Experts at Wolfe Street Academy

Before and after the move to virtual learning, the established Community Schools program at Wolfe Street Academy has helped educators to connect to students and families in a restorative and holistic manner.
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Our Framework

Our work is rooted in five key strategies.

How We Work +

Racial Justice and Equity

Through introspection and self-reflection, staff members are better equipped to integrate racial equity, healing, and cross-racial community building in all spaces of their everyday work.

Social and Emotional Learning

The PSC focuses on the development of the whole person, not just academic outcomes.

Student, Family, and Community Voice

Using collaborative decision-making and constant community conversations, schools should be inclusive of all three voices in making decisions.

Trauma-Responsive Educational Practices

School staff need tools to respond to the traumatic experiences of their students, neighborhoods, and themselves.

Restorative and Healing Approaches

Students and school staff practice skills that build supportive learning spaces, mediate conflict, and eliminate the need for punitive discipline.

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